Taking Nursing School 1 Day at a Time

Guest Writer: Abigail Rust, Tutor and IPFW Nursing Student, senior

The Centers for Academic Success and Achievement in the brand new library is where I spend time tutoring students twice a week. I typically meet individually with 5 or 6 students  during that time and work hard to help them put to use effective studying methods and guide them towards success. Let’s face it, nursing school is hard and studying for certain classes seems overwhelming and impossible.  Continue reading

How To Get Through Your First Semester of College

The time has come for you to join the ranks of college freshmen at IPFW. Feeling a strange mixture of excitement and nervousness is to be expected. This is a new stage of life, one that will hopefully lead you to success and fulfillment in your, not too distant, future. It won’t be easy, but it will most certainly be worth it. To help you get through it, we’ve put together some tips for success. Continue reading

What Mentoring Means for IPFW Nursing


The roles of professional advisors and faculty are similar, yet different, in student career progression and student success. While advisors are well versed in many areas of student resources, student progression in the curriculum, and the workings of the programs and IPFW, the faculty are each “experts” in specific nursing realms.
For example, Professor Carol Crosby is a wonderful resource for Law and Ethical Informatics and Patient Safety while Professor Denise Jordan excels in Community Nursing and reaching out to the Underserved. Posters are throughout the Department of Nursing and on the Nursing website directing students to their Faculty Mentors. A Mentoring Fair is held each semester. This is an opportunity for students to peruse the area and learn of faculty’s areas of expertise. Faculty are available to meet one-on-one and begin to develop these mentoring relationships. The atmosphere is welcoming, informative, and relational.