Taking Nursing School 1 Day at a Time

Guest Writer: Abigail Rust, Tutor and IPFW Nursing Student, senior

The Centers for Academic Success and Achievement in the brand new library is where I spend time tutoring students twice a week. I typically meet individually with 5 or 6 students  during that time and work hard to help them put to use effective studying methods and guide them towards success. Let’s face it, nursing school is hard and studying for certain classes seems overwhelming and impossible. My biggest piece of advice for students who I tutor is to take it one day at a time. There are times that I can’t believe that my own graduation is only weeks away. Soon, you will feel the same way.You can do it. Try out some of my study tips and lighten your stress just in time for spring break.

When you study, try dividing the material up into a handful of sections and do focused study sessions days before test-day. Instead of telling trying to master all 10 chapters for the next exam, commit to understanding the material, and apply 2 of them, today. Remember, we’re taking nursing school one day at a time. When you get through the material, answer NCLEX style questions. This gets you comfortable with answering those challenging “pick the most right answer” questions, and also confirms you understand what you studied. Learn from the rationales, and focus your subsequent learning on the concepts that are difficult. It is my nursing school philosophy that you can never answer too many questions or read too many rationales.

During a face-to-face tutoring session, it is easiest to study as you gain the material and not all at once before an exam. It is important to remind you that tutoring services, while face-to-face, can actually be face-to-faces—I would be happy to sit in on your group study session, add pointers, give you examples, and facilitate effective learning. Tutoring appointments are available through TutorTrac, my current availability is Tuesday and Wednesday 9am-11am.

Happy studying and good luck this semester!

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