A Peek Into Obstetrical Nursing

So, you know you are going to be a nurse, no question about it. But have you thought about what kind of nurse? There are many areas of nursing, many specialties, and this might leave you with many questions. Our very own, Professor Beth Bufink, has offered to share some insight about the ins and outs of being an OB Nurse. 

beth-bufinkI have been an OB nurse for the past 15 years, I have loved every moment of my career.  That being said, it hasn’t always been easy. Theodore Roosevelt said, “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty.”

The wonderful thing about OB is seeing the miracle of life unfold right before your eyes.  It is absolutely amazing, from conception to birth, the changes that occur in the human body to become an infant. Additionally, and just as amazing, the changes to the woman’s body to sustain another life and all that it goes through during the labor and delivery process.

The instance in OB nursing that is rarely talked about is when that miracle does not go as planned. It is emotional; you will see your patients in their most vulnerable state. It is in these happy and sometimes horrible moments for patients that you, as the nurse, can be the difference in how they make it to the other side of the situation.  Maybe it is your assessment, knowledge and critical thinking that saves a life; or maybe you are the gentle spirit that comforts their grief and sadness.

You might hear that OB nursing is hard to get into as a new nurse, and this can be true, but there are opportunities out there for new nurses. So, you want to go into OB nursing, what next? First, keep working on your nursing degree. Next, shadow to see what part of OB interests you.  I would also recommend trying to work as a patient care technician in OB. After, you graduate and pass the NCLEX…apply. If OB nursing is your passion, don’t give up on it!

There you have it. One specialty down, many more to research. If you have any questions for Professor Bufink about OB Nursing, or nursing in general, feel free to reach out via email at bufiea01@ipfw.edu.

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