Advice from a former BS in Nursing student


For me, starting college was an exciting but scary experience. As a poor high school student, my goal was to place all of my strength into succeeding every way I could and knew best! Thankfully, I had an awesome support system through IPFW. I enrolled in the first year experience (FYE) program which did help to make the transition better and smoother. Through that program I was able to meet struggling students such as myself and professors that I grew close knit relationships. I felt at peace with the reassurance that I wasn’t alone and could call on ANYONE to help. I did run into some struggle when applying for the nursing program. I had some difficulties passing the TEAS test, mainly because I am not a big fan of standardized test. What brought me through was the dedication of myself and the professors to help me succeed. I met with Greg Anderson regularly to review test questions and to work on my struggle areas. I never once felt alone at IPFW and I never felt like it was going to be impossible. The staff always led me in the right direction and never steered me away. If I felt alone, it was simply because I didn’t reach out to grab a lending hand. I say that to say this, if you are struggling with anything, do not be afraid to ask for help.


Well, I finally made it into the program and the light did seem closer. The nursing program brought battles of their own, but I pushed through, exhausted all of my options, and once again searched for help. I am certain that IPFW prepared me for the real world of nursing. The hands on experience in the labs, clinical sites, and classroom all helped in the transition into my first year of nursing. I am still proud of the decision I made to pursue a degree from IPFW and you should be too.


I just want to leave you with a few more words: Do not give up! You have to know within yourself that what your doing is no simple task and truthfully you will want to give up; that’s mainly because you have a huge goal to reach! Best of luck to all and remember, “If you haven’t felt like quitting, it’s because your dream isn’t big enough.”


Bernadette Davis RN, BSN
December 2014 graduate

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