Parkview Nurses In Pursuit of Magnet Recognition

Layout 1What is Magnet?

The Magnet Recognition Program® is a national accreditation sponsored by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). The accreditation recognizes excellence in nursing clinical outcomes, patient experience and nursing engagement. At present, there are approximately 422 Magnet organizations in the United States or about 7% of all US hospitals and 4 International organizations.

Why Magnet?

Parkview Health intends to be among the best in the country and that means performing in the top decile. Magnet status fits that goal for nursing. The ANCC has provided Magnet status as platform for change within the nursing profession. ANCC seeks to elevate the practice of nursing through measurement of empirical outcomes across 49 standards and the four domains of transformational leadership, structural empowerment, exemplary professional practice and new knowledge, innovations, and improvements. Achieving Magnet status will demonstrate that Parkview outperforms the mean in greater than 50% these standards over greater than 50% of our departments across the health system.

Does Magnet status pertain only to nursing?

While the accreditation is predominantly a nursing recognition, the requirements for collaboration and teamwork with medical staff, clinical and non-clinical co-workers make this a recognition for the system as a whole. Without a real partnership across all departments and settings, achieving Magnet status would not be possible.

IPFW and Parkview…A partnership

IPFW and Parkview Health have an long-standing relationship and shared goal of continuing to provide the best educational opportunities and clinical sites for students. That partnership extends to programming and academic assistance in meeting the requirements of RN to BS attainment, research, and nursing residency programs. These programs seek to advance the practice of nursing and the engagement of nurses in their practice.  The support of the nursing faculty and university have been key to our success in achieving these goals.

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