The Newly Streamlined RN to B.S. Program

By Cheryl Rockwell

IPFW’s newly streamlined RN to B.S. program prepares registered nurses, in a little over one year to hold a Bachelor of Science degree. Courses in the three Ps – Physiology, Pharmacology, and Physical Assessment are specifically tailored with clinically relevant and useful knowledge for the practicing RN. From informatics and evidence-based practice to leadership and transcultural health within a global context, cutting edge information prepares nursesfor 21st century practice. The opening module is a seminar for RNs, which will help orient returning students to the online learning environment. The entire nursing coursework is 36 credit hours, delivered over 8 weeks/course; most courses are 7 weeks long with a week off between them. “Our faculty designed the Streamlined RN to B.S. program to help the region’s nursing community get the degrees the health industry wants. Many nurses are balancing the need to return for a baccalaureate degree with the demands of their work. Our program combines the reputable rigor of a Purdue degree with the flexibility these working nurses need,” said Chancellor Vicky Carwein. Those interested in learning more or applying for admission should contact the program’s advisor, Leah Schweikhardt by phone, 260-481-6115 or email,

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