Faculty-Student Mentoring Program


IPFW Nursing Faculty as a whole possess hundreds of years of nursing experience. We hope to leave a legacy– imparting not only knowledge about coursework and academic progression, also about our practice specialization. We are accomplished nurse scholars and our individual and collective work elevates the Department’s reputation, enrollment, programs, and creative work.

Brightly colored posters, lining the Department walls, illustrate the practice areas that DON Faculty have identified as their areas of expertise. A companion poster matches the expertise to the named nursing professor, so it is easy to see which faculty might be a good match with a student’s interests.

Faculty also have office signs which read, “Ask me about…” These signs are our way of inviting students to make an appointment and spend a little time getting to know the faculty member’s professional interests. Faculty are eager to mentor students in the practice discipline, sharing their time and talents. Faculty mentors are available by appointment, and students are encouraged to make an appointment, stop in, ask questions, and seek guidance about specialty practice areas.

In our online courses, students seek faculty expertise and guidance through online office hours. Online students in the neighborhood? Feel free to stop by for a face-to-face visit with our faculty experts. You won’t be disappointed.


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