SNI Takes a Trip to Indianapolis

Guest writer: Andrew Working, SNI Officer
Group Pic @ Museum

Students pose for a photo outside of the Indiana Medical History Museum

What’s better than spending the day seeing old specimens and skeletons, visiting a children’s hospital, and eating cheesecake? For SNI (Student Nurses of IPFW), nothing can top that! This April, SNI took its first trip to Indianapolis. We’d been planning the trip for quite some time with the hopes of getting away for the day and giving students an opportunity to experience something new. So, after much planning and organization, we loaded up and headed to Indy!

Indiana Medical History Museum

Our first stop was at the Indiana Medical History Museum, located on the grounds of the old Central State Hospital for the Insane. The building itself is the old pathology building, where autopsies and experiments were once conducted. As one student described it, “The atmosphere is just the right amount of creepy.” We saw several interesting things, such as the auditorium where lectures were held for new doctors, the autopsy room, numerous brains and specimens, and antique medical equipment. It certainly made us thankful for the safety practices that are in place today. Experiments were done in areas with wooden counters, which, as we all could guess, lead to a large amount of disease transfer. Organs were extracted and left in containers that resembled flour jars. To weigh the bodies, the doctors would lift the patient on the scale and then subtract their own weight– something we all were in amazement over. Best described as one-of-a-kind, the Indiana Medical History Museum was definitely a new experience for all of us.

Riley Hospital for Children

We were very lucky and excited to have the opportunity to tour Riley Hospital for Children. We definitely wanted a hospital experience, but weren’t quite sure where to start. After some investigating, we found someone from the Riley Hospital Foundation who provided us with a tour and overall, a great visit. We learned about the wonderful opportunities at Riley and were impressed with the varying degrees of practice for patient care technicians. For example, at Riley, they can start IV’s. Although we weren’t able to tour the patient floors due to flu restrictions, we were fortunate enough to tour the ER. It was a very moving experience, and it gave us all a chance to see the impact that nurses have on their patients.

To end our trip, we stopped at Keystone Mall to relax, eat, and shop. There, we filled up on cheesecake and hit up some shops before heading back home.

It took a lot of planning and maybe caused a little stress, but ultimately, the trip to Indy was a great experience for all of SNI. Though we haven’t begun planning the next trip, we know it will be something amazing! If you have any thoughts on a travel experience you’d like to partake in, please let us know!


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