Parkview Health Nurse Residency Program

Nurses often feel pressure to keep up with the fast paced nature that is the daily part of their work day. Because of this, new nurses can find it overwhelming to balance their work and personal lives, without experiencing burnout. Adjusting to the life of a nurse, while still maintaining a healthy work-life balance that allows nurses to provide patients with the best possible care, can be a challenge. Parkview Health, a local non-profit hospital in the Fort Wayne area, understands this all too well and has developed a program, in partnership with IPFW, that will work to support new nurses during this transition. A new residency program provides nurses with the tools and knowledge to continue developing the skills needed to provide patients with safe, high quality, professional care upon entering the workforce. These skills will allow new nurses to gain the confidence that they need to alleviate added pressure and avoid burnout early in their career. Here is what Parkview has to say about the program and its goals.

The Program

Parkview Health is committed to providing nursing professionals the support that they need to provide superior care to our patients. We understand the complexity of patient care today and that it requires highly competent nurses. Education, and further support for the new nurse, is necessary to fully develop their professional practice and the skills that are critical to patient safety and quality of care. The development of this program, in collaborative partnership with IPFW, was developed to be an adjunct to follow unit based orientation to assist the new graduate nurse in transitioning to nursing practice. This 12 month program brings back together the initial nursing orientation cohort group for a monthly, eight hour program. These monthly sessions are meant to be taken in succession and use a variety of learning formats to provide this support. Using the curriculum recommended by the Indiana Center for Nursing (ICN) and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), as well as the needs identified by our own institution, we have created a program that incorporates the following topics: 

The Nightingale Initiative

End of Life Care

Evidence Based Practice

Peer Review

The Business of Healthcare

Patient Outcomes

Integration into Practice


Crucial Conversations


Emotional Intelligence

Ethical Decision Making

Medication Safety

De-escalation and Crisis

Process of Quality Improvement and Safety 

The program began in October 2015 and welcomes a new cohort groups each month. Already, approximately 150 new RN’s have begun their nurse residency journey. Nurses are an integral piece of the healthcare system and deserve to be supported as they begin their careers. This program provides just that. 

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