6 Things You Didn’t Know about IPFW Nursing

Not all nursing programs are created equal, as such students applying for nursing programs may have misconceptions about earning their degree at IPFW. Here are six things you may not have known about IPFW’s nursing program to help you when you’re deciding where to enroll.


1. Nursing Graduates Receive a Purdue Degree
Students who complete their nursing studies in the IPFW Department of Nursing receive a degree from Purdue University. This respected university has been a center of educational excellence since 1869. A Purdue degree can be a very favorable addition to a nurse’s resume.

2. Nursing Degrees Are Accredited
IPFW nursing degrees are accredited by a highly respected body. This professional body surveys nursing programs to check if they meet strict standards, ensuring that students receive the high-quality training they need to have successful careers in nursing.

3. IPFW Provides a Continuum of Education
IPFW offers three degrees, which cover all levels of nursing. Whether you are coming straight out of high school and want to complete a traditional four-year nursing program, or you’re an RN seeking an advanced Master of Science course, at IPFW you’ll find the program to help you reach your goals.

4. Students Can Test Out of Courses
If you are an RN’s with work experience or are certified by recognized nursing organizations you have the opportunity to test out of nursing courses. This means that students who can demonstrate their mastery of the material can get credit for nursing courses, saving time and money. And unlike many institutions, IPFW imposes no cost for testing out of courses for the RN-BS program.

5. IPFW Faculty Are Experts in Their Fields
The IPFW Nursing Department faculty have an extensive amount of nursing expertise to share with their students. Many of our faculty have published articles on a variety of subjects, and have expertise in specific areas.

6. Students Have Access to a Variety of Clinical Settings
IPFW students can choose from a wide variety of clinical settings, including Lutheran Hospital, Parkview Regional Medical Center and Parkview Randallia. The exact range of clinical settings available depends on the program, allowing students to choose the setting that best suits their interests and learning style.

Students studying nursing at IPFW benefit from the prestige of the university and the accrediting body, as well as the quality of the faculty and courses offered. If you have questions about the nursing program and are wondering if IPFW is the right fit, let us know! You should feel at ease with the decision you’re about to make, we can help.

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